We are what we are today due to the talented and skilful specialists who form the backbone of the firm.

Shareholders and Board of Directors
The founders of acorn communications bring with them a wealth of combined experience garnered from diverse careers in the world of finance and business. We bring to the table more than 80 years of brand experience in the field of brand management and communications.

The Board consists of a diverse team of independent experienced personalities equipped with the requisite skills and experience. Tasked with directing acorn communications’ success, the Board also takes a hands-on approach in marketing as well as in the financial management of the Firm.

The management is a well run machine with its team members’ expertise and interesting perspectives in managing human capital reflecting from various backgrounds and ages. Made up of individuals with down-to-earth attitudes and abilities that are adaptable to varying situations, this provides for the smooth running of acorn communications

Our servicing team comprising of professionals with diverse backgrounds and qualifications, provides the Firm with the advantage of being an agile, integrated brand communications specialist. Thought leadership, insightful solutions and can-do attitude are the hallmark of the respective professionals within the team.

With the ability to cater to a vast range of industries, the team is highly experienced in customer and brand communications as well as issues management, the creative fields including advertising, production, publishing and broadcasting, as well as corporate, consumer, marketing and financial communications along with event management and media relations.

We are here to provide customized solutions for your company’s individual needs.


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